Qualitative Insight from Listening, Observing and Considering

Why Work With Reynolds Research?

Whatever the scale or nature of your research challenge, it's important to us, so we won't pass it down to a trainee - you'll get director level engagement at every stage of the project.

At Reynolds Research, Hugo will take full responsibility for your project, conducting all the fieldwork and analysis personally so that the insight you receive is genuinely grounded in all the data.

Hugo Reynolds

Having worked in agency, academic, and collaborative market research for over twenty years, with more than ten years as an independent focussing on qualitative insight, Hugo has experience in a wide variety of research approaches, and has spent thousands of hours studying and observing people.    

He is experienced across a wide range of qualitative methods, but with particular strengths in observation and participatory methods (aka 'Ethnography', 'Ethno', 'Naturalistic Observation', etc).

Research Approach

Whatever market research challenge you bring to Reynolds Research, we will always take the time to think about how best to approach this and find an approach that works within your budget and within your timelines to deliver valuable qualitative insight.

We approach qualitative insight with an open mind: of course we are doing more research online now than before the pandemic, but have always been open to thinking about the best way to approach any particular project.  Our research projects take place in viewing facilities, in-store, or on-line.  Sometimes we recommend new methods, sometimes traditional approaches done well.

"Thank you so much for taking us through the learnings on Wednesday – as always, a super insightful session that has helped sharpen the next steps for our packaging.

At this stage, we just want to say a big thank you for your time and partnership on this journey. You have made the research process really easy and enjoyable and it’s been a blast working with you."



1% Pledge

Like many small businesses, Reynolds Research has always had a small footprint. Nonetheless, we understand that we can and should make a positive impact, and that the choices made by small businesses filter up though the supply chain as part of the impact that client businesses make.  

Reynolds Research pledges to invest at least 1% of the working week into voluntary work and at least 1% of net profits into charities.

In addition to this, carbon emissions are offset through partnership with Make it Wild (https://www.makeitwild.co.uk).

How Can We Help?

We love speaking to new people. So, please contact us, and let's see how we can help you impact your business growth.